Communicate to Create a Great Place to Work

Yesterday I spoke about Tips for Creating a Great Place to Work, so today I’m going to continue this blog by breaking down the different tips.



In a survey of more that 210,000 American employees, less than half were satisfied with the information they received from management.

Besides keeping employees in the loop, frequent communication also reminds employees they are part of the team.

Adopt an ‘Open Door’ policy. This will allow for:

  • An open flow of communication
  • Accessibility
  • Closer working relationship
  • Fast access to information

Today’s Tip: The 7 C’s of Communication

The art of communication is the language of leadership. James Humes


#1 Control

Control yourself, your body language, pace, tone, etc., and control the audience or listener. Control the topic and avoid big digressions, control your emotions, control the venue if possible so as to be in a comfortable area and room.

#2 Clarity

Clarity implies emphasizing on a specific message or goal at a time, rather than trying to achieve too much at once. Clarity in communication has following features:

  • It makes understanding easier.
  • Complete clarity of thoughts and ideas enhances the meaning of message.
  • Clear message makes use of exact, appropriate and concrete words.

courteous#3 Courteous

Ensure that your communication is friendly, open, and honest, regardless of what the message is about. Be empathetic and avoid passive-aggressive tones.


#4 Correct 

Make sure what you’re writing or saying is accurate. Bad information doesn’t help anybody. Also make sure that your message is typo free.

A correct use of language increases trustworthiness and the receiver will feel that they are taken seriously.

#5 Credibility

By creating an atmosphere of trust in a conversation or text, you add credibility to the message.

This can be achieved by a clear and striking ‘tone’, which indicates that the information you are discussing contains the right information.


#6 Concise

A message is clear when the story line is consistent. When facts are mentioned, it is important that there is consistent, supporting information.

Systematically implementing a certain statement or notation also contributes to clear business communication. When statements are varied, they will confuse the receiver.

#7 Concrete

The communication should be concrete, which means the message should be clear and particularly such that no room for misinterpretation is left. All the facts and figures should be clearly mentioned in a message so as to substantiate to whatever the sender is saying.

Question: Which of these 7 C’s do you need to work on? Please leave your comment below.



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