How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Business

You only have one chance to make a first impression, which goes for when you are first meeting somebody new or the first time somebody comes to your place of business.  You want you your front entryway to be warm and inviting, yet stylish and with a sense of your own personal style.  That is why the front entryway is a great place to express some of your individuality, while showcasing your business.  The front entryway is also the first place that is visited by prospective clients and customers. There are some easy ways to make a lasting impression that won’t break the bank.

Grab some paint.  This one’s easy; and cheap.  Pick out a nice complimentary color for your front door.  If you want to give that door some pizzazz and style, stay away from brown, black and boring.


Add some New Hardware.  Another part of the door that stays under the radar sometimes is the hardware; including the handle, lock and door knocker.  These are easy things to change out on a sunny afternoon and you shouldn’t have to call in reinforcements.  But a nice brass or brushed aluminum door handle and kick plate are beautiful additions to any entryway.



Change out the lights outside your door. This one is often overlooked because it has a little bit of electrical work that goes along with it.  But if you are not comfortable doing the wiring on your own, it isn’t too expensive to hire an electrician for an hour or two, which is all it will take a professional to do the work.   But a well lit front door is attractive and inviting.



Add some Greenery.  This one is fun because you change it out over the course of each season.  You don’t need a planter or a flower box, adding flowers and plants in ceramic pots and colorful pottery is a great way to add a new look to the entryway.  Just be sure to use indigenous plants that will thrive in the environment and pay attention to how much sunlight and water is available.  Also, it is possible to overdo it and achieve a cluttered look, so be careful.

What can you do to the front of your business that will draw people in? Set a budget and get to work! It may be as simple as power washing the front of your establishment.


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