It’s Friday! Let’s Talk about Equine Careers

I am continuing my post from last week about equine careers. I love looking at the careers that people can have that involve my favorite animal, the horse.


Equine Photographer

An equine photographer photographs horses for commercial and artistic use.

Equine photographers may work full or part-time.  They may sell their photos to horse owners, magazines, or commercial advertising agencies.

Education: No formal education is required. A photographer may choose to workshops and seminars to sharpen their skills.

Salary: The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 report, the mean annual wage for all photographers was $38,350 per year ($18.44 per hour).  The bottom ten percent of photographers earned less than $18,120 ($8.71 per hour), while the top ten percent of photographers earned in excess of $68,930 ($33.14 per hour).

insurance-1337564_640Equine Insurance Agent

Equine insurance sales agents offer insurance policies to horse owners. While some insurance agents offer exclusively equine policies, most agents also sell other types of property and casualty insurance as a part of their portfolio.

Salary: Bureau of Labor Statistics does not separate equine insurance agents into a separate salary survey category, the more general category of all insurance agents had an average salary of $62,520 in the most recent (May of 2010) survey.


Animal Nutritionist

Animal nutritionists work to create nutritionally balanced rations for pets and livestock. Animal nutritionists are included as a part of the “food scientist” category in the surveys conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and according to the BLS they averaged an annual wage of $60,180 in the most recent salary survey conducted in 2010.

Those specifically working in the animal food manufacturing industry averaged a salary of $70,060 per year. Nutritionists who achieve board certification as veterinary nutritionists can earn significantly higher salaries (see the board certified veterinarian category above).

You can find more information about equine careers at

Question: Which equine career interests you the most? Please leave your comment below.


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