It’s Friday! Let’s Talk about Equine Careers

I am continuing my post from last week about equine careers. I love looking at the careers that people can have that involve my favorite animal, the horse.

Mounted Police

Mounted Police Officer

Education: GED or high school diploma required; some college recommended.

Experience: Several years of experience in general policing; previous experience with horses recommended

Salary: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2010, the average annual salary for police officers was $55,010.  This figure may vary depending upon geographical location, seniority, and education.

Broodmare Manager Lauren Erk @ Pine View Farms

Broodmare Manager


Broodmare managers are equine professionals with experience in managing the needs of mares and foals. They work the majority of their day on the go, traveling from the farm office to the various barns on the property.

The typical routine for a broodmare manager includes teasing mares, assisting with veterinary exams, attending foalings and being on call for emergencies, maintaining herd health records, and managing staff members.

It is important to note that while the Thoroughbred industry only allows live cover breeding, broodmare managers working with other breeds may need to develop proficiency with techniques such as artificial insemination, semen collection, and embryo transfer.


A college degree is not a requirement for securing a broodmare manager position, though a degree does lend strength to the applicant’s resume.

Useful education would include a bachelor’s or masters degree in fields such as Equine Reproduction, Animal Science, or Equine Science.

Salary quotes an average salary of $40,577 per year for a broodmare manager and $26,313 per year for an assistant broodmare manager.

Manhattan Rain, a rising star on the APEX ratings, with Arrowfield Stallion Manager Joe Hickey at the 2014 Arrowfield Stallion Open House.

Stallion Manager


Stallion managers supervise the care and breeding of stallions. They are involved in scheduling breeding shed appointments, supervising daily care, and promoting stallions to the public.


High School Diploma usually needed for this career. Some employers may require certification from vocational schools, others may need to see a bachelors degree. While still others will rely heavily on past experience to screen candidates.


The average salary for a stallion manager is about $40,000.

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