How to Create a Positive Work Environment


Do you work in a positive workplace? How are you contributing to the positive atmosphere? Are you waiting for others to start a “program” to make the workplace positive?

Positive changes can begin with you!  It only requires a single person, like yourself, to activate the process toward change within your workplace.

hand-226358_640Show gratitude. Say “Thank you” to your team members. Those two little words said often and with conviction will go a long way in promoting a positive atmosphere. Showing gratitude also let’s people know you are paying attention to the work they are doing. Always be on the lookout to catch your team members doing something right, so you can show appreciation.

Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you. Les Brown

Focus on skill. Find the skills that are your team members possess and let them use those skills to boost the productivity of the team. If everyone is able to use their talent for the good of the group, then everyone is happier.

Support your team. Does your team know that you support them? Always let your team know that you believe in them. Let them know that you are proud of the accomplishments they make. If you cannot meet your goals without them, let them know.


Provide training. If any of your team members need to be trained, spend the money! It is an investment that you will see a return on. Training needs to be concise and thorough. Training should never be a “learn as you go” experience. All of your team needs to be on the same page when it comes to how the processes and procedures work in you business.

You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset. Tom Hopkins

Introduce Exercise. You want your team members to be healthy and happy and have fewer sick days, so how about providing a discount to the local health club or gym? Everyone talks today about being a healthier weight and being more active, this would be a great step. If your business is in an area where you encourage walking on breaks, then start a walking club and give your employees pedometers to track how far they walk each day. Award prized for the most steps or miles.

Isn’t it interesting how easy it can be to have a positive workplace. This is a very short list, but these five things could turn your office environment around.

Ask yourself this: “What have I got to lose by trying a couple of these ideas?” “What could my team and I gain by implementing these changes?”


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