How to Start a Tack Shop

Tack shops have some of the most needful things for horses. I know I can spend hours in a nice tack shop looking at all the tack and accessories for horses. There is usually a lot of bling to catch a girl’s eye.


Have you ever thought of opening your own tack shop?  You could turn your passion in to a thriving business. You can make the store as rustic or as fashionable as you want it to be. You can put your own flair into the displays. Create a destination place for equestrians.

Here are some things to consider before opening a tack shop.

  • Location – Where will your tack shop be located?
    • Are you in an area where there are equine events?
    • Are you in or near a town with a large population of horses?
    • How many tack shops are in your area?
  • What will be your niche (a distinct segment of a market)? – What will draw customers to your shop versus going somewhere else.
    • Focus on a popular but under-served segment of the market.
  • Inventory – Build your inventory with below market priced items.
    • You can build your inventory by going to tack sales and auctions
    • Will you carry a variety of tack items which can include saddles, bridles, blankets, saddle pads, halters, lead shanks, martingales, breastplates, and girths?
    • Would you offer specialty items like engraving for plates on bridles and saddles?

For inspiration I found this great video about a “tack haul” by Andrea Cao. The first time I heard of this young entrepreneur was on Shark Tank.

Click to Watch!
  • Advertising & Marketing – How will you let equestrians know you are open for business?
    • Cranky Pony Equine Marketing Plus can work with your budget to get you noticed.

What are you waiting for? You can be a successful tack shop owner with the right location, niche, inventory, and clientele.


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