Can Wednesday Feel Like a Friday?

I wrote a post a while back, Books with Principles to Put into Practice, and today I’m starting with Joel Osteen’s book, Every Day a Friday.

I have listened to this book three times. It really gives me encouragement about learning to be happy every day of the week. Like with most things, if we don’t keep what we are learning in front of us, we forget the principles and so our days go back to being “normal”. I’m tired of the “normal” days. I want my days to be exciting, filled with possibilities and hope.

As entrepreneurs, our days can sometimes run together because of all the work there is to do in running our business. We can lose track of time and when we get to Friday, we aren’t even looking forward to it. This year, 2017, let’s start looking forward to every day like it is Friday!

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Happiness is a choice.

Whatever comes our way, good or bad, we have a choice as to how we are going to respond to the situation.

We choose to be happier on Thursday because we know that Friday is coming very soon and that means the weekend is on the way. If we can choose to be happier on Thursday and Friday, then we can definitely choose to be happy the other days of the week.

One way we can help ourselves be happier is by using positive language. Change your “I have to” to “I get to”.

  • “I get to go to work.” Don’t we hear everyday that there are millions of people unemployed in this country. If you are employed, then be thankful and remind yourself that you get to go to work.
  • “I get to exercise today.” Think of all the people who choose to sit around and watch their waistline grow. They aren’t living to their full potential. Be glad that you have made the decision to put yourself first and take care of you and your body.
  • “I get to cook dinner tonight.” Remind yourself that there are people who don’t have anyone to share a meal with. You choose to prepare a healthy meal to go along with your healthy lifestyle instead of eating out. This decision will save you money and tell others that you care when you serve the meal. Those are two things to be happy about.

Attitude Check

Changing our mindset to a positive one will take us a long way during our day. Remember every time you think, “I have to…” change it to, “I get to…”

Changing our mindset will change our facial expressions. We will begin to smile more and that will make us more approachable to other people.

God gave us the right to pursue happiness according to the Declaration of Independence. How about if we start pursuing happiness today?

Here is my declaration:

January 4th is the day that I begin pursuing happiness!





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