Books with Principles to Put into Practice

Yesterday I talked about the habits that hugely successful people have. One of them is reading.

I have four books that I am going to write blog posts about, and how things are going as I put their principles into practice.

Here are my favorite four books:

  1. Mastering the Seven Decisions – Andy Andrews
  2. The Traveler’s Gift – Andy Andrews
  3. Power in Praise  – Merlin Carothers
  4. Every Day a Friday – Joel Osteen


Most of these books I have on audio. I would much rather listen to a book then read it. Having the hard copy allows me to read along and highlight things that really stand out to me. If you can get the audio book read by the author it really makes the book much more interesting.

Power in Praise – I love this as an audio book because I can stop the track and put into practice right then what I have just learned.

Every Day a Friday – I have listened to three times. Joel reads the book and he is a fascinating story teller.

Mastering the Seven Decisions – I learned so much from this book! Andy Andrews is one of my all time favorites. He is brilliant when it comes to making me think about things.

The Traveler’s Gift – This is a fictional story about David Ponder. This book is a companion to the book Mastering the Seven Decisions.

I would love it if you would join me on this journey in 2017 of practicing the principles in these books to change your life, your business, and your future.



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