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December 17th – Last Chance! Cat N Conejo Price Reduced $3000 OBO! (Diana Brown Quarter Horses)

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I have owned Cat N Conejo since she was three. I love this mare, but with my work schedule I just don’t have the time she deserves.

Cat N Conejo would make an amazing High School Rodeo horse for your son or daughter. She was started as a cutter and works cows like a pro.

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December 15th – Positive Quotes

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Tips for Working with Family


Many small businesses are family businesses. How do those families keep their personal life and professional life separate?

Here are a few ideas if you are needing help in your family business.

1. Playing the parent card. I have heard a parent, who is also the CEO of his company, say that the children that work in the business call him by his first name. The child doesn’t get to play the “dad” card in a meeting. When out of the office the child goes back to calling the parent “dad”.

2. Separate work spaces. The family that works in close proximity to each other doesn’t necessarily work well together. Unless your business location is super small, don’t share an office. You do need walls and privacy even from family members.

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December 13th: Things You Need to Know as a Business Owner



The list of what a new business owner needs to know can be overwhelming. I narrowed it down to five things to keep it simple. These are five important things. If you can follow through with these five, you find it easier, less frustrating and more enjoyable to be a business owner.


1. When hiring a new employee, look for character. You want an employee with integrity, honesty, courage, wisdom and love.

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December 15th – Movie Review – A Puppy for Christmas (SPCA 0f Stanislaus)


This is a 2016 movie from the Up Television.

This story is about a young woman, Noel, who has wanted a Christmas puppy her whole life. Growing up she is given every pet that most young children get, fish, birds, but never a puppy.

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December 15th – Adorable Pets Waiting for Their Forever Home (SPCA of Stanislaus)


Look at this precious little boy. His name is Connor. He is all decked out in red and green for the Christmas holiday.

He’s available at the SPCA of Stanislaus!

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December 14th – We Have a Ragdoll Looking for a Forever Home! (SPCA of Stanislaus)


Meet Nicholas our newest member, he is a 3 month old Ragdoll. He is a real love bug, and purrs a lot. Contact us if you are interested in visiting him!

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December 15th – Riding Lessons at Peachwood Horse Boarding with Haille Margarite

Haille Margarite with May
Peachwood Horse Boarding offers riding lessons with Haille Margarite. New students ages 10 and up are welcome.
  • One single lesson on the following: Introduction to the Horse
  • $35 plus materials
  • This is a one hour class
  • In this class you will learn basic grooming, tying, saddling, posture, cues and hoof care.

Riding Lesson Series

  • 4-Week Lesson Series: $140 plus materials Bonus: 1 free lesson.
  • 6-Week Lesson Series: $210 plus materials. Bonus: 1 Free Intermediate Horsemanship Lesson and 1 Free Bareback Lesson
  • 8-Week Lesson Series: $280 plus materials. Bonus: 1 Free Advanced Horsemanship Lesson and 2 Free Bareback Lessons.

Want to learn more? Visit: Haille Margarite’s Website


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