Make Christmas a No Stress Holiday

Stress over this holiday season is not the gift you want to receive. You don’t want to give the gift of stress either. If you are stressed everyone around you can feel it and see it. Do yourself a favor and plan your holiday event. If something isn’t part of your plan then it isn’t going to be added at the last minute.

Plan your work and work your plan. Your life will be less stressful if you follow this quick tip.

How about a plan so you don’t get stressed and are just as relaxed as you want your family and guests to be.

joyJoy! This is the season of joy. You cannot feel the joy of the season if you are stressing out.

Gratitude! This is the season of thanksgiving.

Peace! Christmas is the celebration of the Prince of Peace.


When you are planning your event include time for yourself.

  • Start your day with a really nice workout. Leave the house for this workout. If you try to exercise in your home during this time, you may be interrupted by family. And looking around the house a thinking about what needs to be done could cause you to end your workout earlier than you should. This may be the day to take advantage of a free offer at your neighborhood gym.
  • While you are putting your plan into action, wear very comfortable clothes. (No high heels and restrictive clothes!) Change into your party fashions before your guests arrive.
  • Have healthy snacks for you to nibble on during the preparation time.
  • If you have a family, be sure that you delegate items on your “to do” list. Even the little ones will want to help you.
  • Fill your home with wonderful music, fragrances and lighted candles.
  • Give yourself time for a relaxing bath or hot shower before your guests arrive.
  • Put on you favorite songs to relax to. (Not necessarily Christmas music.)


Enjoy these last few weeks of 2016. End the year with less stress and you can begin 2017 with energy, a positive attitude, and a great outlook on what is coming in the new year.


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