Make Their Day!

Do Unto Others…

Here are a few ways to make someone’s day. These ideas are not limited to your customers, but you should make the days of your employees too.

Give your employees the tools they need. You provide the tools that your employees need to to do their job. Make sure computer software is up-to-date. Have all the office supplies available and don’t put a lock on the cabinet. Give your employees the freedom to get supplies when they need them and don’t make them come to you to ask, “May I have a new pen from the supply closet?”.

Go the extra mile for your customer. If your customer has a problem that you can fix, don’t stop there. If you see there is another issue or concern that you have an answer for, don’t hesitate to bring it to their attention.

Show them you care. If you are talking with am employee or a customer and they tell you about an ill loved one, a struggle they are having with a child, or they are just having a really crappy time with life, send them a greeting card.

Have a stack of greeting cards for all occasions on hand. Send out a greeting   card to let the person know that you are thinking of them.

Listen. Sometimes the easiest thing a leader can do is listen to the person doing the             talking. Listen to the ideas that are being presented and do not dismiss the idea                       flippantly. Mull it over and see if it really is an idea that could be implemented. If it               cannot, then give the employee the real reason why it won’t work. If the idea will                   work, then give the employee the task of getting everything in order to put it into                   practice. This will make a tremendous impact on your employee.


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