Fish! Play!



Tap into your natural way of being creative, enthusiastic and having fun. Play is the spirit that drives the curious mind, as in “Let’s play with that idea!” You can bring this mindset to everything you do.



I found this great article written by Glenn Llopis, for Forbes. Click here to read more. 

Employees are fed up with the office politics and corporate rat-race and  are ready to start having fun again.   They want a workplace that is challenging, encourages trial and error and makes them feel that they matter.

1.  Allow People to Fail;  Encourage Employees to Test Their Ideas

Empower your people to be entrepreneurial and to test their ideas and ideals.   Encourage your employees to be their best by discovering how they best fit within the team and throughout the organization.   Don’t always feel like you need to be in charge.  Effective leadership is about delegating and being able to trust yourself enough to let go and allow others to establish their own footing without being so dependent upon you.    Give your employees the room to explore and unleash their passion.

2.  Build Teams That Last; Allow Them to Be Think-Tanks

Great teams require great leadership.  Today’s workplace must remove silos and  operate without boundaries – putting a premium on collaborative thinking and holding each member of the team responsible to contribute.   The days of depending upon one or two superstars are over.

Leaders must allow team building to become more organic, less instructional and more enabled by the members of the team themselves.  They must measure effectiveness by how well each member is contributing to the overall impact, dialogue, thinking and outcomes of the group.

3.  Be a Great Communicator; Hold No Secrets

Never stop communicating your vision, goals and objectives.   Be a great communicator  who uses  all available methods to define your expectations and set the tone for your department or organization.  Never be vague and run the risk of losing trust from others.  No secrets allowed.

4.  Don’t Hide Behind the Title; Be The Real You

Leadership effectiveness is more than just the influence a “job title” gives you.  The real impact of leadership is when you can reveal the person that is behind the title.   People are more curious now than ever before and they want to know who their boss is as a person.

People want leaders they can relate to and respect as people.  Be real in who you are and what you represent as an individual. Reflect your true intentions as a leader and don’t hide behind a title as this limits your ability to build relationships with employees.

People want leaders who are humble enough to be approachable, yet whose executive presence is impactful and dynamic enough that they never cross the line of respect.  People will naturally gravitate toward you if you allow your likeability and approachability to flourish.

5.  Awaken the Organization; Keep People On Their Toes

Keep the organization alive by enabling a culture that embraces new perspectives and keeps people on their toes. Make the workplace an environment where people are continuously growing and thinking big!

Don’t just be a provider, but rather focus on being an enabler of opportunities.  Make  it easier for people to contribute and feel more valued – yet demand enough from your employees  that they are continually challenged and hungry for more.

6.  Keep it Simple; Make it Fun

Establish standards and best practices that everyone can enjoy, learn from and improve along the way.  The new workplace is less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business.

Leaders purposely make things more difficult for others to make themselves appear smarter and more capable than their peers.  Oftentimes they seek relevancy when they begin to feel more vulnerable.

Perhaps we are beginning to understand why most leaders need a refresh.   They need to simplify their approach and make it more fun and enjoyable for employees as this will increase productively, engagement and desired outcomes.


Make employees feel that they can relate to you and what you expect from them and encourage their voices to be heard and amplified.   Don’t intimidate, make the journey simple and fun and watch them flourish.

How will you implement “Play” to encourage creativity, enthusiasm, and teamwork to your workplace?


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