September is Self-Improvement Month!

Self-improvement can mean a lot of different things. One thing I would like to focus on today is how starting your own business can be a “self-improvement”.

Let’s look at the different areas of yourself that you could improve by starting a business.

  1. Stress less because you are working for yourself. Starting your own business could be a big improvement. If your current job or position is causing you a lot of stress and you have been thinking about starting a business, think about how your own business would relieve stress.
    1. You are the person you answer to.
    2. You are not micro-managed any more.
    3. You can set your own hours.
    4. You can choose your own work location.
    5. You may be choosing a career that you will really enjoy.
  2. Financial improvement. Will starting a new business create more income?
  3. Personal satisfaction. This is a new career that you can really be proud of. You will feel great about helping others with the service you provide.



Let’s just look at these three things. Do they sound good to you? If they do, or maybe you haven’t thought about them before, write these three things down and then write a “pro” and “con” list on each area.


If the thought of starting your own business stresses you out, you can start with a simple exercise like this to get you thinking. This maybe the first step to improving your self and your life.



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