Are You Observant?

Definition: A person who is good at watching and listening. A person who is good at noticing what is going on around them.

Quote of the Day: I was a very observant child. The boys in my books are based on boys in my neighborhood growing up. Beverly Cleary

Ways to become more observant

Be more curious

To observe is to be curious and accept difference. It is practically impossible to be observant of the people around you if you are not at all actually interested in people. We learn from each other, so observing the difference between you and other people is key to becoming a great observer, constantly asking why the difference exists is key.

 Improve your self awareness

Being aware of how your actions affect the people and the world around you can help in finding the cause and effect of your actions, making it easier to understand why certain behaviors have certain consequences.

Watch more

Don’t be afraid to watch people and the things that are happening in your environment.  We encode a lot more information from visual cues than from spoken or written, so use this to your advantage when improving your observation skills.

Ask “why”

If you ask at least 10 “why” questions a day about anything you observe during the day is a great way to becoming a razor sharp observer, it’s like a never ending loop, you keep your brain constantly hungry for answers to your daily observations in turn making you more engaged with your environment.

How observant are you?


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