Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Jim Rohn

What is with the word ‘discipline’?

Well, of course, it depends upon who you ask. The responses can either be favorable or unfavorable.

Favorable responses tend to come from teachers, scholars and college students who don’t mind sharing with you their branch of knowledge or their area of expertise.

Parents also provide favorable responses as they beam with pride when complimented on how their children possess the trait of being well-behaved.

However, mention ‘discipline’ in a room full of teenagers, and prepare yourself to put in earplugs as the room fills with groans, murmurs and sighs. Teenagers don’t want to be reminded about a system of rules of conduct or even the act of punishing! The last thing they want to be reminded about is how those in authority must at times punish [them] in order to gain control or force obedience!

With such a varied response, why then is ‘discipline’ seen as a characteristic entrepreneurs must have to stay on track?

Here’s why, ‘discipline’ is any training intended to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental development in a particular direction.

Successful home-based entrepreneurs understand that without a persistent level of ‘discipline’ in their lives, they would not possess the pattern of behavior that will help them stay on track and achieve the success they desire with their business.

How about you? What’s your take on ‘discipline’?

As you ponder your response, consider these benefits ‘discipline’ can provide to your and your home-based business:

Determination to make things happen, even when it seems impossible;

Inspiration that stimulates and encourages you to take action;

Self-Control that helps you to stay connected to only those things that are good to and for you;

Confidence to handle situations and produce positive effects from your own skill level;

Information to enhance your knowledge base and increase your wisdom;

Patience which teaches you how to wait and allow things to happen in its time;

Loyalty to faithfully commit to your ideas, values, goals and plans;

Integrity to firmly stick to the things that are important to you without wavering in your decisions;

Nerve to endure the challenges, obstacles and issues that attempt to sidetrack you in your life and business; and

Effort that causes you to put forth the energy to produce the hard work needed to make things happen in your life.

Contrary to what some may think, ‘discipline’ is not punishment. It is training that provides insight, develops character and leads you on the right track toward a life of success in business.


One thought on “Discipline

  1. I was one of those teens myself. A rebel actually. I eventually came to appreciate the word when I grew curious as to how to make positive changes in my life.

    One of my favorite teachers of discipline is Bruce Lee. To me, he made advancement of oneself “cool.”

    Now, I use discipline daily. And use the word to describe my own unique path in life.

    My discipline is way I choose to live my life, and the way that is best suited for me and my happiness.

    Thanks for sharing


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