Nutella, the Billion Dollar Peanut Butter. Their Business Strategy “Immerse and Emerge”

nutella & Go!

Source: Nutella, the Billion Dollar Peanut Butter. Their Business Strategy “Immerse and Emerge”

It’s no wonder why Maria Franca Fissolo is the richest person in Italy with a net worth of $22.1 billion. The fourth-richest woman on the planet and the widow of Michele Ferrero, the Italian

chocolate manufacturer whose empire includes household brands Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Kinder, and Tic Tac. Business Insider

The truth is we all love Nutella, the Original Hazelnut Spread, from the first taste. The sweet aroma of hazelnuts as it spreads so smoothly on our toast, we don’t feel so bad eating chocolate for breakfast.

As we have seen in recent years, Nutella has expanded their product lines tremendously, including snacks, drinks and chocolate bars collaborations. The company has really taken the opportunity to show people that their product is more than just a spread. We see their brand presence everywhere!

Nutella has recognized vital advertising and brand exposure opportunities, often taking to the street and interacting directly with their customers through community events and activities. They are able to share their brand story and passion for their product directly, personal testimonies and samples always wins hearts and bellies.

They have also solidified their brand through their most recent collaboration with Tim Hortons. Press Release Leveraging the access to millions of Canadians, Nutella introduced delicious donuts and pastry pocket treats that converted many into Nutella lovers.

People world wide are embracing the product, making it a staple in their kitchen. Using it in baking and cooking recipes. NYC Babka Bread, Business Insider

As the world grows more connected,  competition is inevitable. It is important to diversify your brand to create an encompassing lifestyle brand. Making your brand integral to everyday life. Become a household name!


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