Is Your Advertising Consistent?

Quote of the Day:

Trust is built with consistency. Lincoln Chafee


Are You Being Consistent in Your Advertising? You Better Be!

No matter what your budget may be, you can’t afford to ignore the practice of consistency.

Consistency is a big word, and rightfully so. This one word has a huge impact when we look at how it relates to branding, marketing, and advertising within your business.

Consistency in Advertising: Let everyone recognize who you are.

Big brands are constantly, yet consistently, advertising. You may not have the budget to advertise constantly, but anything that you are already doing can be done consistently across your brand. This is the first practice that you need to put into place.


“The difference between a good brand and a great brand is consistency.”

Please do not let a teenager, cousin, nephew or niece who has “created” a website, build your website. It isn’t okay to ask a friend who knows how to use Publisher to create an advertising flyer for your business.

If you want to appear professional, you need to engage with a professional branding and marketing firm, such as Cranky Pony Productions, to handle your imaging and marketing needs.

Big things like logos and websites are no-brainers, but you should also consider the day-to-day items that will put your business in a more professional light, including flyers, business cards, and printed materials.

Often times, it’s much more affordable than you would think. The new clients you will attract, is priceless. It is a must to have a website, or Facebook page. Put up the “Closed” sign, if you don’t. If you want your business to appear as a leader in your industry, it’s time to get your act together from a visual perspective. No more homegrown, sloppiness allowed.

Consistency in Advertising: Frequency

Another piece of the consistency puzzle that is seen from big, successful companies, is consistency in contact. These companies are on every channel, on every advertising outlet, over and over, driving home the value of their products and services. You need to focus on being consistent when and where you do come in contact with your current or potential customers. If you’re posting on Facebook once a week, keep posting on Facebook once a week. If you’re sending email marketing on a monthly basis, keep sending email blasts on a monthly basis. If you’re blogging, which you better be, create a content calendar and stick to it! Make sure there’s a bigger plan, and make sure it’s consistent in both image and timing, no matter how busy you get running your business.

Cranky Pony Productions can help you in all of these areas of advertising for you business. You need to stand out! You need to let the world know that you have it “going on” and the prospective client needs to be a part of it.

Are you ready to get your business growing? Are you ready to get your business noticed? Then visit and let us know what you are would like to do to tell the world about you. Cranky Pony is here to assist you!


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