Haille Margarite Riding Lessons

Did you have riding lessons on your New Year’s Resolution list? It’s only the first week of February, so contact Haille Margarite to begin.



Haille teaches at Peachwood Stables in Ceres, California and is adding new students to her schedule.

She offers lessons in the following disciplines:

  • Western Pleasure
  • English
  • Reining
  • Speed Events


Read what Haille’s clients have to say:

My grand daughter lost her mother several years ago. She was shy and didn’t talk much to people she did not know. She took lessons at Peachwood Stables with Haille for a little over a year. Haille not only taught her confidence with grooming and managing a large horse, but helped her to speak up and be heard. Haille is very knowledgeable about horses and obviously loves them. She was a very good influence for my grand daughter at a vulnerable time in her life.

Vicki Ryman

I have had the pleasure of knowing Haille for the past 3.5 years. She helped my eight-year old granddaughter learn the basics of horsemanship and riding. Additionally she is presently working with me & my 15 year old gelding on a couple minor issues. She is very patient and flexible…just a delight to work with! With her extensive knowledge of horses & showmanship, I never doubt the information I get from Haille as she has experience & knowledge to back it up!

K. McBrayer

Contact Haille today: Phone: 209-604-0523



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